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Project Description

The North Fork of the White River in Missouri, aka the North Fork, is a free flowing spring fed stream. It’s watershed starts near Mountain Grove and Cabool and ends at Tecumseh when it joins the Bryant Creek to form the head of Norfork Lake.

Rainbow Spring starts the Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing area and it extends 8.6 miles. It then is Red Ribbon Trout fishing the remaining 7.0 miles to North Fork Lake.

The North Fork is arguably the best looking trout water in the state. Full of moderatly deep pools, fast rapids, with pocket water and eddy seams loading every shoal.  It is the closest thing to a Colorado freestone trout stream that Missouri has.

The North Fork not only has over 15 miles of trout water it also has about 50 miles of total smallmouth bass fishing that mixes up with the MarkTwain National Forest that reveals even more options of hunting, hiking, and birding.

North Fork Trip Options

1.  Day Trips

  • Fly or Spin Fishing Trout
  • Fly or Spin Fishing 1/2 float is Smallmouth 1/2 float is Trout
  • Fly or Spin Smallmout Only

2.  Overnight Trips

  • 2 Days Trout
  • 1 Day Smallmouth, 1 Day trout

3.  Eco-Tours

  • Early Sping Migratory Song Birds and Morel Mushroom Hunting
  • Stream Ecology,