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Project Description

Bryant Creek is the North Fork’s warm water brother. The watershed starts near Mansfield and Norwood Missouri and ends at North Fork Lake in Tecumseh.  The beginning of the creek is a typical Ozarks’ looking stream in its upper watershed. It completely disappears into the ground in many places. Some say a lot of the flow is then lost underground and across the watershed line into the North Fork. The Bryant creek is floatable for about 40 miles.

It is called a creek but has many great holes for catfish, smallmouth bass, and even walleye. Fishing trips up to 3 days are possible since there are many great gravel bars to camp on. The best fishing on both the Bryant Creek and North Fork are only a few miles from lodging so it is possible to fish both within the same day or float one and then the next on consecutive days.

Trip Options

1.  Day

  • Fly or Spin Fishing Smallmouth Bass and Panfish

2.  Overnight Camping

  • Smallmouth Day and Channel/Flathead Catfish at night